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Ready for a Change to Gain Confidence and

Live Your Life to the Fullest?


Learn to Dress Your Best


You need a change if your wardrobe is full but you “cannot find a thing to put on”. Compliments build confidence and our self-image and we all need them.


I can teach you how to save time and money by finding your personal style because You do have one. We all do. You might just not have found it yet.

Our training programs, personal consulting, personalised shopping tours and wardrobe workout will get you there. The right outfit elements will be easy to find and your self-confidence will grow day by day.


The first step sometimes seems hard to take but definitely worth it. We will find your style and you will feel really gorgeous in any of your wardrobe items for the rest of your life!

"I decided to become a personal stylist because I love people not because I love fashion" - Kati

Kati, Founder of Yessa

My name is Kati. I will guide you on your way to find your personal style. The style that fits your personality, your physique, your age, even your temper and habit.

I will show you how to learn to dress your best; how to find more possibilities in your colours, how to test a new look or what to wear for the event of your life. The everyday outfit is an essential ingredient of your smiley weekdays. Learning the basics with showing you the proper colour options and best-fitting clothes on my training will give back your confidence.

Based on my studies at the London College of Fashion, I will guide you how to use tactical dressing and enhance your strengths. Working as stylist at the Luxembourg Fashion Week and several years advising all around Europe in English, French and Spanish helping dozens of clients getting their confidence back I know there is a perfect look for You, too!


Lou S.

It is a real time gain for me!

Thanks to the workshop given by Kati I have understood why some pieces of clothes, cuts, colours never suited me and why some did.

I also finally enjoy  shopping now! I save money as well as I only buy “perfect pieces” which really suit my body shape, lines and colours. I feel more beautiful and more confident regarding my style.


Anita T.

Shopping with Kati 

was one of my best decisions

The most wonderful experience for me was the personal shopping with Kati. While trying on the different outfits I did not have that usual awkward feeling that I normally experience in the changing room (nothing suits me, I look even bigger than at home, etc.).

She has the eye to pick the best for you and that also goes for accessories and shoes. Simply, she is a professional, I feel so lucky that I’ve met Kati.


Lilli K.

The “I have nothing to wear” issue has been solved!

I have asked Kati to help me because it was a nightmare to make my suitcase before my travels. I spent hours and hours to make some outfits.


Making wardrobe workout and putting outfits together was a real joy! Kati is diplomatic and doesn’t want to put you in a box. Through her eyes everyone can look pretty, she exactly knows hot to get the best out of you.


Maria P

I receive more than one compliment per day

Now I feel really boosted. I get a lot of "t'es jolie" since I changed the clothes colours and wear only those you recommend me.

You do it amazingly Kati, you inspire me. I can't wait to continue.


Bea E.

I saw the light at the end of the tunnel

It was so amazing when you showed me on your workshop what cuts, fabrics, clothes flatter me and which ones don’t. Then I immediately knew that I wanted to change my style and become more confident. Thank so much for this!





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