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Makeup Workshop

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." — Rachel Zoe

What Biology Says About Attractive Female Faces

Researchers have discovered two universal characteristics that contribute to the attractiveness of a woman’s face.


First:  The amount of color contrast around the eyes and lips

Second: How symmetrical and even her face is

It may not be fair, but according to the Association for Psychological Science, attractive people are treated more favourably in every area of life. 

Another study found that when makeup is not overdone, it makes women appear more likeable, trustworthy and competent.

Makeup Workshop 28.03.2020 by YESSA.png

We don't want to become somebody else or look unnatural just. Let's focus on using makeup to enhance our natural beauty.

Now you can learn how to do every day makeup from NATALIA GOFF, Professional Makeup Artist! Fill in our form at register now for this interactive workshop!

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