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Personal Consulting

"Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." — Oscar de la Renta

Enhancing Your Strengths

The personal consultation is always a day to remember. I do remember all of my first meetings with all of my clients. Everyone comes with high hopes, and the best part of my profession is to meet your needs, to reach those high hopes.

Talking about personal style is a kind of miracle. When someone is asked about fundamental personal feelings and the history of her life in person, we both know our souls get connected and tiny vibrations, fine movements find their ways to understand each other completely. This is the perfect understanding.

This moment is the first step together, the one we both will remember.

Personal consultation is often the first step in collaborating with an individual. For those who feel more comfortable in small groups, my course is offered as the first step but you can be sure, whatever way you choose to meet me and share that moment of miracle, we both will remember the day.


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