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Happy clients share their stories - read all about it  

Personal shopping with Kati 

was one of my best decisions 

The most wonderful experience for me was the personal shopping with Kati. While trying on the different outfits I did not have that usual awkward feeling that I normally experience in the changing room (nothing suits me, I look even bigger than at home, etc.).

When a dress does not fit or somehow does not suit me she does not only tell me so but also gives the underlying reason as she wants the best for everyone. She has the eye to pick the best for you and that also goes for accessories and shoes. Simply, she is a professional and her personality is so reassuring. I feel so lucky that I’ve met Kati.

-Anita T.

The “I have nothing to wear” issue has been solved!

I have asked Kati to help me because it was a nightmare to make my suitcase before my travels. I spent hours and hours to make some outfits.


Making wardrobe workout and putting outfits together was a real joy! Kati is diplomatic and doesn’t want to put you in a box. Through her eyes everyone can look pretty, she exactly knows hot to get the best out of you.”

-Lili K.

I saw the light at the end of the tunnel


“It was so amazing when you showed me on your workshop what cuts, fabrics, clothes flatter me and which ones don’t. Then I immediately knew that I wanted to change my style and become more confident. Thank so much for this!”


-Bea E.

It is a real time gain for me! 

“Thanks to the workshop given by Kati I have understood why some pieces of clothes, cuts, colours never suited me and why some did.

I also finally enjoy  shopping now! I save money as well as I only buy “perfect pieces” which really suit my body shape, lines and colours. I feel more beautiful and more confident regarding my style.”


-Lou S.

I receive more than one compliment per day

"Now I feel really boosted. I get a lot of "t'es jolie" since I changed the clothes colours and wear only those you recommend me. You do it amazingly Kati, you inspire me. I can't wait to continue.”


-Maria P.

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