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"I decided to become stylist because I love people not because I love fashion"

Katalin Edelenyi-Patus...

...the person behind YessaStyle:

My passion

I am passionate about helping others, understanding them and sharing knowledge with them. How? Getting the best out of them!

My experience and studies

I have been traveling since I was 2 years old. I have lived in Cuba, France, Spain, Hungary and Luxembourg and worked in the media as Editor-in-Chief, in marketing and HR, so I perfectly know what the advantages of a balanced look are and how important it is to boost your self-confidence.

As an International Relations expert I also studied Fashion Styling and Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion.

I created and founded a special Dance fitness activewear collection, YESSA, designed for different body shapes for real women.

Since 2014 I have been organising the Learn to Dress Your Best Workshops in 4 languages and working as a personal stylist and personal shopper.

My motivation

As I have always had a strong desire to know more about the topic, I realised after 30 years that I have to forget all the negative influences, just let them go, create new values and learn how my body is structured and just dress it the best. 

The advantages? Plenty!

I like myself. I feel pretty. Others find me pretty. I don’t compare myself to others. I feel confident. I am not jealous anymore.

I live consciously. I know what to buy in shops.

I know what to wear at my workplace, at a job interview or at an important meeting, wedding or a party.

I know what message I will communicate: power, creativity, femininity or being trustworthy. The ability to get the best out of myself.

My job

So I started to share it with others, too, and the smiles and sparkling eyes of these ladies, to see them happy and confident gave me the conviction that is what I would like to do!

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