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Learn to dress your best 1 - Colours 

Duration: 3 hours

This is the basis of styling. The right colours. The human eye can distinguish between about 1 million different colours. 

If you choose the wrong colour you will look paler, sicker, older. This is definitely not what you would like to achieve.


Here you will learn the theory of colours, the colour wheel and their qualities. 

The qualities of the colour will indicate what YOUR colours are and will dictate what colours you will look the best in.


In this workshop you will also learn how to create contrasts and the signals of the colours. For example, what do you communicate by wearing a red suit or a yellow jacket?

In styling the optical illusions are very important. Learn how to appear healthier, younger and just more in harmony. At the end of this day you will understand how to do a colour analysis and how to pick the best colours for yourself.

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