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1 full day

Style Yourself Confident Training

Do you compare yourself to others? Are you sometimes envious? Don't you really know how to emphasize your strenghts and select the right clothes for your body type? Do you want to understand your proportions and colors? Do you want to save time and money by shopping effectively?

If the answer is YES, this is the right course for YOU!


Check out the topics of the workshop


3 hours

Style Yourself Confident 1 - Colours

Without the right colours you cannot achieve a flattering look. 

This is the basis of styling. The right colours. If you choose the wrong colours you will look paler, sicker, older. This is definitely not what you would like to achieve.


3 hours

Style Yourself Confident 2 - Proportions

What is your body type? Well, it has nothing to do with how much you weight. It is about proportions.

Proportion is the relationship of the component parts of the body. There are vertical and horizontal proportions.

A vertical proportion is for example if you have long legs or arms. The horizontal one is about the shoulder, waist and hips.


3 hours

Style Yourself Confident 3 - Body Scale & Line

Are you not sure what jewels, accessories to choose? This is pretty normal. First you have to learn some stylist tricks.

To select the "right" clothes for yourself you need to understand the concept of lines, curves and proportions of course. It will define the type of fabric, the size and the style of patterns, the size and style of the accessories.

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